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 Main speaker 2002 - 2003


October 4
  1. Francesca Nardi
  2. Andre Verbeure

Main speaker 2002-2003:

The main speaker in spring will be professor Kurt  Johansson from the KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

Talk 1: Probability measures from random matrix theory

Talk 2: Random growth and random matrices

Talk 3: Random permutations and random tilings

Abstract: The eigenvalue measures from random matrix theory give
rise to probability measures which arise not only within random
matrix theory itself but also in other contexts. I will review
the basic facts from random matrix theory and discuss in
particular the occurrence of the largest eigenvalue distribution
in last-passage percolation, random permutations, certain two-dimensional
growth models and in random tilings.



November 1 
  1. Harry Kesten
  2. Antal Jarai
December 6
  1. Wolfgang Koenig
  2. Matthias Loewe
February 7
  1. A.Sakai
  2. Kurt  Johansson
March 7  
  1. Frank den Hollander *
  2. Kurt  Johansson

    * Due to personal circumstances Erwin Bolthausen will not be able to speak today.


April 4
  1. V.Sidoravicius
  2. Kurt  Johansson

May 9
  1. F.L.Toninelli    
  2. Dmitri Znamenski 

June 6

  1. A. LeNy
  2. F.Camia